We're a proudly woman-founded and women-run small business based in Vancouver, Canada.
At Abbott Atelier, we believe in jewelry that goes beyond adornment – it tells a story of resilience, determination, and the power of the human spirit. Our journey is rooted in real-life experiences, shaping not just the jewelry we sell, but also the ethos of our brand. After 5 incredible years in business, we are finally ready to share a chapter of our story that has remained concealed until now.

Our Humble Beginnings
Our story begins in 2018, when the founder of Abbott Atelier faced a daunting setback. A trusted friend's "investment opportunity" turned out to be a devastating scam, leaving her grappling with the loss of over $100k. This unexpected turn of events left her not just financially burdened, but emotionally scarred. Choosing to bear the weight of this challenge alone, she shielded her parents and friends from the full extent of her struggles. 

The Birth of Abbott Atelier
In 2019, a new chapter emerged. From the confines of her parent's apartment's living room, Abbott Atelier came to life. What began as a modest space evolved into a sanctuary of creativity and hope. Each order shipped out from this space carried the energy of transformation – a reminder that setbacks can become stepping stones.

The Strength of Support
As Abbott Atelier began to bloom, so did the support from loved ones. What was once a silent struggle turned into a harmonious chorus of encouragement. Friends and family rallied around our founder, their unwavering love and belief in her dreams reinforcing her journey towards recovery.

A Personal Touch
Every aspect of Abbott Atelier carries our founder's personal touch. She personally packed over 10k orders, the dedication she pours into every order ensures that your experience is as unique as the jewelry itself.

Around the Clock Care
Our founder's commitment doesn't fade with the setting sun. If you've ever received an email or message after dark, it's likely from her. Your inquiries and concerns matter to us, and we're here to provide attentive care, no matter the hour.

A Grateful Heart
Abbott Atelier is a journey that wouldn't be complete without the unwavering support of our customers. Your trust, encouragement, and love have been pivotal in transforming our story. With each piece you wear, you become a part of this remarkable adventure.

Thank you for choosing Abbott Atelier. We invite you to explore our collections, knowing that each piece carries within it a story of triumph over adversity, the embrace of gratitude, and the promise of an exceptional experience.
Accessible Jewelry

At Abbott Atelier, we believe that jewelry should reflect your unique style and personality. We wanted to provide beautiful, high-quality jewelry that everyone could afford.

We understand that many people are skeptical about purchasing jewelry online. As a small business operates in a costly city, we do everything possible to keep our prices affordable, so you can enjoy stunning jewelry without breaking the bank.

As a small team, we take pride in every aspect of our process. We don't spend your money on expensive retail space, influencers, or agencies. Instead, we work directly with trusted jewelry designers and manufacturers. We inspect every product, pack, and ship every order ourselves in Vancouver.

Our goal is to provide you with a delightful shopping experience from start to finish. We change the theme of our packaging designs based on the seasons and holidays, and we want each unboxing experience to be unforgettable. We believe in sustainability and design our packaging to be reusable. You can check out our packing videos on our Instagram and TikTok accounts to see how your orders are packed.

We also offer fast shipping and responsive customer service to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase. Join us on our journey and discover the joy of Abbott Atelier jewelry!

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